eMaterials represent a new way to think about electronic equipment.

Our global network of logistics and processing partners is pre-vetted to ensure they possess the required government and NGO certifications for the regions in which they operate, and comply with all local and regional regulations.

We specialize in leveraging this global network to provide our clients with turn-key solutions to all of their eMaterials processing needs, from setting up and managing supply chain logistics to assisting with recycling, resale, and final material disposition. institutional knowledge, and global partner network allow us to help our clients transform any type of eMaterials to their next best use.

Re-use, Recycling and Recovery

We offer a broad range of services for you assets and waste from Re-use, recycling and Recovery we aim to give our customers the best solution for there material both when it comes to the revenue and the recycling % and compliance.

Waste Electrical Equipment

If your equipment uses a plug or battery, we can recycle it. With over 13 years’ experience and using best environmental practices we offer a fully compliant service

Approved Treatment Facility

All our sites have necessary waste and operations permits as well as a minimum of ISO 9001, 14001, 18001 most of them are also R2, ISO 27001 certified, all of them are also audited by our team.

Our Services

We only want to offer the best in class Re-use, Recycling and Recovery service for our customers, regardless if you have an entire mobile phone network or the companies IT asset to dispose of we can help you.

We Collect

We collect material from most countries in the world, We follow all the waste protocols for green and amber waste when we move the waste and we only use pre approved logistic companies to ensures we provide an excellent service for all our customers.

Our Services

Some of our special areas of service are described below, but we have a broad experience in many other areas such as Batteries from EV Cars and telecom network equipment.

With 15 years of experience in the Global battery recycling industry, KAP Holdings can facilitate the safe transport and processing of a broad range of battery types and related materials, including Household batteries, Industrial batteries, EV/HV batteries, Battery production scrap materials, Battery controllers and Battery chargers.

The principals of KAP Holdings have been involved in the global Mobile Device industry for 24 years. We can assist with logistics and resale, repair, refurbishment, insurance and recycling services as well as financial services including residual values, leasing and buyback solutions for all kinds of mobile devices and related materials.

We have been working in the broad eMaterials processing industry since 2005, working with global partners to facilitate the next-best use for virtually every type of electronic device. Leveraging our global network of certified logistics, processing, and disposition partners, we can facilitate a broad range of services related to these equipment types.

IT Asset management

We have for the last 20 years been in the IT asset management space and offer a broad range of services for your servers, computers, laptops, tablet and phones. Including buy-back, Re-sell, recycling and secure destruction. Our services are fully compliant to GDPR and ISO 27001.