Daniel Kramer

Managing Director

Daniel Kramer is the Managing Director of Kristinehamn Asset & Property Holding AB, also known as KAP Holding. He has led KAP since founding it in 2018 , with a focus on serving clients in the battery, mobile device, and general electronics recycling industries. He specializes in working with the senior management of companies from across the ecosystems of these industries to help them optimize the financial return on assets that are transitioning from one lifecycle stage to the next.

Ivana Olsson

Eastern Europe Sales Manager

Ivana Joined KAP Holding in January 2020 as Eastern European Sales Manager. She previously worked in a wide range of roles ranging from teaching English to working as a Designer, as well as performing different administrative functions in the mobile phone and electronic recycling space. Ivana is excited about her new role developing the Eastern European market and partner network for KAP.

Maria Holm

Office Manager

Maria joined KAP in January 2020 as Office Manager. She previously worked in the Mobile phone repair and Electronic recycling industry for over 15 years in a broad range of positions, generally specialising in the back end functions like registration, invoicing and reporting as well as environmental reporting related to the logistics and processing of hazardous and non-hazardous waste.



With 15 years of experience in the Scandinavian battery recycling industry, KAP Holdings can facilitate the safe transport and processing of a broad range of battery types and related materials, including Household batteries, Industrial batteries, EV/HV batteries, Battery production scrap materials, Battery controllers and Battery chargers. Our partners and clients represent all parts of the battery lifecycle ecosystem, including battery manufacturers, automotive and related consumers, battery collection schemes, and recyclers. All logistics and processing partners are subject to our rigorous vetting and auditing requirements to ensure regulatory compliance while providing maximum recovery values and minimal environmental impact. Contact us today to learn more.

Mobile Devices

The principals of KAP Holdings have been involved in the global Mobile Device industry for 22 years. We can assist with logistics and resale, repair, refurbishment, insurance and recycling services as well as financial services including residual values, leasing and buyback solutions for all kinds of mobile devices and related materials, including Phones, Tablets, Wearables and IOT devices. Components includes Boards, LCDs, Digitizers and other components. We work with all participants in the mobile device supply chain, including manufacturers, suppliers, carriers, retailers, and resellers, and have extensive experience setting up and operating global buyback, turn-in/take-back programs, leasing and other financial solutions for the optimal ownership of devices. Contact us today to learn more.

Other eMaterials

We have been working in the broad eMaterials processing industry since 2005, working with global partners to facilitate the next-best use for virtually every type of electronic device, including Desktop and laptop computers, Servers and network components, Peripherals, Components, Telecom network equipment, Consumer electronics, Medical devices, LCD / TFT screen and Mobilephones. Leveraging our global network of certified logistics, processing, and disposition partners, we can facilitate a broad range of services related to these equipment types, including IT Asset Disposition (ITAD), Direct reuse/resale, Refurbishment and repair, Financial solutions including leasing, Insurance solutions, Responsible recycling including base and precious metals recovery. Contact us today to learn more.


KA&P Holding is growing!

KA&P Holding is growing! We’re pleased to welcome two new employees to the team this month: Maria Holm and Ivana Olsson. Maria will be our office manager and Ivana will be our Eastern European Sales Manager. We are looking forward to working with both of you!

2020-07-01 12:46:49

Sponsorship agreement

KA&P Holding is proud to announce we have signed a sponsorship agreement with the football club IFK Kristinehamn. We at KA&P Holding firmly believe in the importance of children having positive team sport experiences early in life, so we will be sponsoring the youth section of the club. For more information on the club visit the (Swedish language site) https://www.ifkkristinehamnfotboll.se/.

2020-02-01 12:46:26